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EZ Processes Consulting Services has the knowledge and experience to assist your business determine where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there. Together, we can develop a strategic business plan that is right for your business.

Your plan may include:

Policy and Procedure Manual  - 11 High Level Policies, 64 Sub-Policies EVERY business needs.  Get your "EZ Business Policy Framework" outline today and create your own manual using these suggested Policies.   *$69.95 

Policy Document Templates - Complies with ISO 9001 - * $ 19.95  

*Checkout will be through Green Boating USA, LLC via PayPal.  Documents are in pdf format and emailed after checkout. Other formats available upon request. Valid email address required.

Individual Policies or Procedures - Available upon request, as part of our Consulting Services

"Clean Marina" Initiatives

ISO 14001 certification preparation consulting

Green Makeovers Certification

Green Business Bureau Green Certification

On-Site Services -
Consultants work with your organization on a daily basis for the pre-determined life of our service agreement. (hourly, daily, weekly)

Virtual Consulting -
Our consultants use all the modern technology. We are available when you need us via cell phones, instant messaging, video meetings and blogs to answer those unexpected questions that may arise during your daily operations.

Documentation and Templates -
If needed, our EZ Framework includes templates for policies, procedures, work instructions, forms and standards. All documentation comply with ISO 9001 documentation standards.

On-Site Digital Process Mapping -
Professional Photographer will photograph your operational work station processes and create flow charts that break language barriers.

Technical Writing -
Our staff of Technical Writers can create, revise, update or remove old out of date documentation.   

Quality Assurance - EZ Processes

Consulting Services can objectively evaluate your current processes and offer suggestions on how their quality may be improved.


Green Business Bureau Green Certification



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